About Smart Apprentices

Delivering Innovative Technology for Apprentices

Smart Assessor is the market leader in specialist apprenticeship software that captures evidence of skills, knowledge and behaviours. Using dynamic and innovative dashboards we keep apprenticeship training providers and end point assessment organisations audit compliant and learners more engaged with their learning journey.

2018 was another growth year for our Smart Assessor product. We achieved an excellent financial and operational performance and maintained our record of 65% year on year growth, which is delivering significant benefits both for our customers, users and our employees. Smart Assessor are approved by all of the major awarding bodies, an Investor in People, ISO9001 and ISO 27001 security accredited and successfully deployed new technologies www.notacv.com and www.fas.report

In 2019 we continue to invest in developing new technologies for our clients helping them harvest the opportunities presented by the new employer levy standards. Smart Apprentices is a strong and stable partner of choice for apprenticeship providers and end point assessment organisations.

Smart Apprentices is proud to have been awarded:

  • Computer Weekly Top 100 in Tech UK – Most Influential Woman in UK Tech Fiona Hudson-Kelly 2018

  • Global Excellence Award – Most Outstanding E-Portfolio Software 2018
  • Everywoman Iris Award – Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

  • Top 50 Fastest Growing UK Technology Company 2017

  • Winner – Best Business Outstanding Female Entrepreneur 2016

  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Finalist) FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards 2015

  • Winner – Small Business Apprentice Employer 2013 – West Midlands Region

  • Winner – Connect Midlands Millionaire Investment Challenge – 2006

  • National Finalist First Woman Award – CBI – 2005

  • Cosmopolitan National Finalist

  • Midlands Business Woman Winner – Woman of the Year


Principles for our Client Relationship

Smart Apprentices is interested in a long-term mutually beneficial strategic relationship with our clients rather than a one off transactional relationship, which is why we have designed our business model with concurrent annual licenses. In our strategic relationship with our clients we use the following standards and behaviours.


Problem Solving Orientation

We invest time in understanding your business drivers and challenges and will work with you to develop solutions that meet these challenges.

Value Optimiser

We deliver robust product functionality, excellent client service and value for money from premium feature rich technology.

Purposeful Flexibility

Using Agile development methodologies enables us to work with our clients to be flexible in our working practices and business model to deliver best fit solutions for you.


Risk Sharing and Trust

We develop ideas and solutions to help your business succeed even if we do not see immediate revenue.

Training Providers


Learners using software

Years in Business

Senior Leadership Team

Smart Apprentices has a dynamic and high performing senior leadership team who are motivated to do the ‘right thing’ for our customers. All of our Directors are shareholders.

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Fiona Hudson-Kelly

Chief Executive

Fiona is the inspirational founder of Smart Apprentices in 2011 and is their Chief Executive. An apprentice herself with Rolls-Royce at the age of 16 Fiona is passionate about creating opportunities for our young people to succeed through the apprenticeship route, as she did many years ago. An avid life long learner herself she has just completed her Masters MBA degree. Fiona is an award winning serial entrepreneur and author of Survival of the Smartest, a must read for any college leader. www.fionahudsonkelly.com

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Danny Taylor

Business Development Director

Danny Taylor is Business Development Director responsible for new client acquisitions. Danny has been involved in the Work Based Learning arena for over 10 years and is a founding Director of Smart Apprentices. Danny is very much a family man and enjoys spending time with his two daughters as well as playing 5 a side football and watching his favourite team Liverpool FC.


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Andy Bowley


As Chief Technology Officer Andy Bowley heads up our technical team, having previously run a fast paced technology business unit for a global brand, Andy has built his team handpicked from the best of breed. At Smart Apprentices we have an experienced and mature development team, many of whom are experts in their field and are often asked to speak and blog at technology forums. Outside of work Andy enjoys Tough Mudder, Wolf Running and Half Marathons.
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Mark Urch


Mark is the Director of Operations at Smart Apprentices, looking after the development and delivery of the software.

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Ann Ramsay

Head of User Engagement

Ann’s prime role is the enhancement of Smart Assessor and  the client experience.

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Lisa Taylor

Finance & HR Manager

Lisa looks after all aspects of finance, as well as the teams at Smart Apprentices. 

Supporting Clients to Ofsted Success

Good partnership work with employers to plan apprentices

Apprenticeships fully meet the principals and requirements for frameworks/new standards (trailblazers)

Good recruitment practices

Good Initial Assessment

About Smart Apprentices

Good off – and on-the job training

Good teaching in English & Maths

Good Progress Reviews

About Smart Apprentices

Good development of apprentices skills

About Smart Apprentices

Good assessment practices

Good Progression to positive outcomes

 About Smart Apprentices

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