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Smart Virtual Learning Environment (SmartVLE) is an online self-marking question and answer technology which can be used in any topic you would like to design knowledge, skills and behaviour initial assessment, diagnostics and learner centric resources for.

The 2016/17 Chief Inspector’s report has once again highlighted the challenge for providers to improve apprentices’ progression in English & Mathematics

In addition to being able to create your own initial assessments, diagnostics and learner centric resources Smart VLE comes ‘out of the box’ with functional skills English and Mathematics initial assessments, diagnostics and resources all of which you can personalise to suit different apprentices job roles.

Smart VLE is SCORM compliant, cloud hosted and works seamlessly with our other technology platforms including our award-winning e-portfolio Smart Assessor.

Need to test knowledge?

Create any knowledge test questions quickly and easily, flag which are the correct responses and SmartVLE will automatically mark the test instantly providing results.

Link online resources to test topics to help apprentices learn about the topics they didn’t answer correctly.

SmartVLE already has Functional Skills Maths and English initial assessments, diagnostics and resources.


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